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the Natal Signature Chart Reading


1hr 15 minutes

A Natal Chart consultation is a unique session where we discuss the particular dynamics of your chart and the meanings it holds

This is a Natal Chart reading—it analyzes the symbolic meanings of the planetary bodies at the moment of your birth.

We will go over your “Big 3,” your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign, along with their house placements and the most significant aspects or relations they form with other planets and asteroids. I focus on your chart as a whole. While some areas will usually have a clear emphasis, I focus on the chart in its entirety, with an understanding of so-called “empty” places as having a particular resonance that I’ll delineate. This is an explanation of your natal “mansions,” or “houses,” and the positions of your planets, and the relationships in their aspects (their placements and collaborations) that create the business and bustle of both your inner and outer life.


1hr 15 minutes

Narrative Power: Timing and Transits


1hr 15 minutes

This consultation is ideal for your Birthday, but it can be illuminating during any time of the year.

It is a reading for you to receive after the Natal Signature consultation because it builds upon your Natal Chart. This is the perfect consultation for those who enjoyed the prior reading and would like to know more.

In this reading, we’ll go over your Solar Return Chart for the current year (the chart calculated for the moment the Sun moves again to the same location it was in at your birth.) We’ll also discuss your Secondary Progressed Chart and the details of your Profection year. This consultation offers a depth of focus around your current placements in time, and understanding of your larger narrative or life stories as layered forces both in self-knowledge and experience. 


30 minutes

No Birth Time,

No Problem!


30 minutes

an impromptu overview for the astro-curious

If you don’t have your birth time, but you’re still curious about your natal chart, this consultation can give you a solid overview. We’ll discuss the locations of the planets in the tropical zodiac on the day you were born.

There are astrologers skilled in rectification, methods to determine birth time when it’s not available, but that’s not a facet of my expertise. Without an accurate birth time, we can’t discuss your rising sign or other placements which require that degree for calculation, including House placements. It also may be difficult to determine your moon sign if the moon changed signs on the day you were born.

This impromptu consultation with me can offer valuable information about the locations of your personal planets. We can discuss the zodiac signs they’re each in and get an idea of the major aspect patterns between them. It’s useful for instance, to know if you have an Aries Mars or a Cancer Mars, and ways that may express, even without knowing the planet Mars’ precise correspondences in your timed chart.

Baroque Moon Boutique


45 minutes

A personalized follow-up menu with distinctive focuses

These 50 minute consultation are the ideal next steps after you receive the Natal Promise and the Narrative Power consultations. If you find yourself interested in exploring more illuminations around your personal astrology, these offerings are your next step. You can ask any question or lay out a personal focus in the intake form or choose one of these offerings:

Gifts and Luck: Teaming up with Ease

This consultation offers insight into the points of ease, effortless beauty and particular, idiosyncratic gifts and talents that are at work in your chart. These aspects often lurk, but awareness brings greater focus and an unleashing of their vivacity in your life experience.

Narrative Power Intensive: Current and Upcoming Transits

We’ll look at upcoming or very recent transits and make sense of their activation in your life patterns and mythologies. This is an analysis of the stories and aspects that are overt and covert in your life–the subplots and subtexts. I use narrative theory, an understanding of climax (culminations) and conflicts, to synthesize your story patterns and offer ways to choose another adventure, so to speak, or enhance or optimize what’s going on. Manipulating the road map is possible, but it requires a deep understanding of narrative theory as it pertains to astrological structures and how and when to breakthrough and take the reigns.

Mars & Saturn: A Malefic Manual

While Mars is considered a warrior malefic and sometimes an indication of pain or violence, they are also a source of power, action, and transformation. This session puts your specific Mars placement into perspective allowing a more tender and nuanced reconciliation between yourself and power.

Mars wants action. What action can it be? What is the best use of your Mars? The malefic planets get a bad rap. Their reputations are sometimes severe and dangerous. They are often cast as unlikeable and complained about, seen as necessary evils. I have always found these descriptions unjust and too simple. The malefics are friends. Intimate friends. Yes, they signify challenge, but also intellect, solution, and the slow (and sometimes fiery) rush that offers the way through.

Saturn may facilitate the problem, while Mars attends Saturn’s deep talent to offer the deus ex machina that pulls you out. Saturn and Mars can function as hope in that sense. Hope seems ineffable and aimed toward a future, but the malefics can represent active hope. Saturn and Mars (along with the outer planets: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) can create powerful, gargantuan events, responses and transformations.

Understanding their nuanced influence in your life can provide your deepest source of power, strength, and resilience. They give practical engine to an ephemeral hope. Indeed, hope’s wish becomes grounded reality when malefic influence is understood. In this session, we can also examine “difficult placements” such as Chiron, 8th house matters, and the like. 


1hr 15 minutes

Your Own Personal Astrologer


1hr 15 minutes

(6 sessions across 6 months)

We’ll begin with a deep dive into your natal chart and its layers, for a total of SIX consultations across SIX months. We’ll discuss how you’d like to use your chart and astrology techniques as a touchstone across a half year. At our introductory session (75 minutes) we’ll design the focus moving forward in sessions that will occur one per month consecutively, for an additional FIVE consults (45 minutes each).

Choose any of my offerings as topics for your personalized sessions or we can adapt topics to offer nuanced guidance catered to your needs including diving into the connections and layers between multiple charts such as Solar Arcs, Secondary Progressions, Solar Returns, Persona Charts, Profections, as well as sensitive points, midpoints, significant asteroids and lots. You’ll get specific guidance on current and upcoming transits as well as ways to use astrology to enhance your daily life. You may also find it useful to look at the transit charts for specific times and dates in your past to make sense of the dynamics present at key moments in your life. These sessions can also gear toward coaching you to learn methods to use daily going forward. You’ll also get more intensive guidance on specific placements and the ways they’re active in your life stories.

During the first session, you’ll receive your personal code to book and schedule your next FIVE consecutive monthly sessions.


CONSULTATIONS ARE INTENDED TO CONVEY ASTROLOGICAL INFORMATION TO BE USED FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. When you purchase a consultation you acknowledge that the information provided does not have a relationship to forecasting and the like. Your purchase constitutes agreement to that edict and acknowledgment that sessions do not include expert legal, medical, financial or psychological advice.