Natal Chart


Looking for the perfect custom astrology birth chart gift? 

The Natal Chart marks a time stamp of the moment you were born and the position of the planets when you drew your first breath.

Natal Chart Astro-collages envision individual charts using the poetics of the elements (fire, earth, air, water) as an aesthetic palette. You receive a digital copy, and we also offer print options if you’re looking for lovely natal chart art or options for birth chart wall art. 


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 PhD in Cultural Studies

Offbeat Jokester. Freelance Writer

Cancer Moon. Deluxe Scholar. Madcap Poetess. Vocab Mogul

Collage Artist. Metaphoricist. Astrologizer.  Wallflower.


 PhD in Cultural Studies

Offbeat Jokester

Freelance Writer

Cancer Moon

Deluxe Scholar

Madcap Poetess

Vocab Mogul

Collage Artist





Astrology is an ancient meaning-making system. It allows you to sense, and make sense of, the stories, the seasons, and the themes, motifs, and contexts of your life and times.

I see Astrology as a cosmic alphabet–ancient, epic, and constructed for broad strokes that also illuminate minutiae. I’m here to help decipher and translate these intricate, interesting structures with you.

Truth is, you’re already the Hero, the Main Character, and the Narrator of Your Life in what is a fantastic, epochal origin story with ups and downs, intensities and themes, patterns, motifs and meanings. These meaning-making schemas connect to a vast, historical astrological system that intertwines with your own personal myths and beliefs. Why should such a mechanism work? I invite you to experience the synchronicity and the pleasures and potentials it holds.

I’m here to help you find the Story, uncover the Symbols, and Synthesize the themes and meanings that undergird your essence and tether to your truest sense of self. That translation is powerful–especially when it clicks, when it feels just right.

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