Bio | Me

Hi, I’m Molly Pennington, PhD. I’m an experienced teacher and scholar who’s in love with astrological language as a practice for understanding the stories and patterns in our lives.

Molly (she/her) is an award-winning writer, former professor, and consulting astrologer with a PhD in Critical and Cultural Studies. Her academic obsessions found a kindred alignment with astrology. Her expertise in cultural patterns, meanings, and structures in popular visual histories provides a rich background for engaging with ancient astrological languages as applicable to both individual and cultural interpretable narrative events. Molly’s MA thesis used feminist gender studies to analyze Shakespeare’s History Plays, while her doctoral dissertation interpreted 90s presidential political history as it relates to white masculinity (as a violence mistaken as innocuous) in popular film and culture. She’s published hundreds of articles in magazines and online and is the recipient of multiple awards across both screenwriting and magazine genres.

I can’t wait to work with you to uncover the meanings in your natal chart that tell the particular and nuanced Stories of Your Life.