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Baroque Moon Astrology

Astrology is a language and a tool. It’s an ancient meaning-making system that offers a potent way to experience, create, and make sense of your life stories.

I see astrology as a cosmic alphabet, constructed for broad strokes that also illuminate minutiae. I’m here to share these intricate, interesting mysteries with you.

About Me

Molly Pennington

I’m a longtime writer, former professor, and consulting astrologer with a PhD in Critical and Cultural Studies. My academic obsessions found a kindred alignment with astrology–as both find interest in cultural patterns, meanings, and structures in popular history and narrative events.

Natal Chart Reading

Planetary Literacy and You-ology 1 hour $125

This consultation requires the date, location, and precise time of your birth.

Description: We’ll go over your Natal Chart Wheel, and make sense of it as a map of You–a signature calculated the moment you were born. This map holds potentials, meanings and significations. We’ll explore your 12 mansions, the positions of the planets, and their major aspects (placements, collaborations, and relationships). I use both traditional and modern approaches and whole sign houses

Consultations are intended to convey astrological information to be used for entertainment purposes only.